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I love how feminists forge evidence to formulate their disturbances into conspiracies, so why not use their guns to come up with my own, censorship culture. This is also connected to toxic virtue signalling.


Today is a day of deja vu as I write this press release/essay. Around 3 years ago I wrote a similar one about being banned from Bandcamp for my other edgy band. What fun these 3 years was. I got banned from Etsy, Facebook, Instagram, Gmail, YouTube, I almost got kicked from my masters degree and effectively the country, I got threatened by islamists and pretend Satanists all for making “offensive” art. None of these brought me down and I am still here ☺

Yes, recently my new band Peosphoros got banned from both Facebook and Instagram yet again, without chance to appeal. I can already hear you saying “but they are private companies they can do whatever they want”. Yes they can, effectively put in their terms of use a completely subjective word like “abuse” and ban anything under that word which can mean anything. Just like how Zucc was saying, “hate speech” to justify his bans in the congress. This somehow never means tits and ass of a fat feminist, but lets not digress. We all know it is an umbrella term under which they can conveniently ban whoever they want while claiming to be “neutral” as we heard from Zucc in the congress hearing.

Call it freedom of speech or corporate capitalism, I don’t have to spell it out for you but you know that there is a big problem in art. People are getting censored at the hand of these “private companies who have the right to do whoever they want” at will. Metal bands can’t perform in “private clubs” because of Antifa, deviants can’t have “private social media companies” because of zuckerbergs. Lars Von Triers get kicked from Cannes’ for the wrong jokes. Kids get kicked from school, employees get sacked from their work, Count Dankulas face jail and some Tyler The Creators get banned from entering countries for artistic expression.

This is actually a shadow of the time when only if you had industry backing that you could reach fans as an artist. Social media is new and exciting for us, because underground art has a chance to get to international fans now, but censorship is the new “industry machine” which takes us back in time to 90ies and beyond where you had to have a record label, art dealer, manager, etc. to reach your fans. Which ultimately meant you had to compromise your art. As millennial kids who grew up thinking we were “special snowflakes” we can’t handle being banned when we are led to believe we are so close to our goal of “fame and money” which reflects the care our parents didn’t give us hahahaha. And this is why I am so sad about being banned from social media.

I also had so many fans and people interacting me, FB was effectively a tool for me to reach my fans. Big deal, fuck zuckerberg, I already listed all the people who liked my page and just gona re-invite them to a new page. Delete that page and I will do the same, same with Instagram. It’s a minor nuisance at this point for me ☺ I’ve got a masters degree in how to deal with being banned by now.

Why am I writing this if it is not a big deal? Well this censorship culture is a bigger monster than social media. Being banned from your precious FB is just a symptom.

2018 is the best year to make art about being gay and get awards, make films about refugees and get applause, make music about being black and go to festivals. Start art school and virtue signal your way out. Make art about poor people with your father’s credit card.


Joke about gays and get banned by straight people, make the wrong comment about refugees and get censored by people who never needed a visa, make music with racist jokes get blacklisted by people whiter than you. Strive to reach like-minded people and sell a few records and get demonetized by big corporations.

In my 5 years studying cinema under a fine art bachelorette program in North America I came across many people. Most people that went to university were morphed into identity politicians rather than fine artists. To survive in the art world, they were encouraged to align themselves with an identifiable cultural group and make work about said group often victimizing it. I saw this in an array different ways as I was studying fine art and took many classes in different disciplines. Yet I was never interested in this trend.

The only identity I ever saw fit to defend or represent was that of the individual, not a group. The core of somebodies essence sprouts out through their expression and creativity, so if I had to name an identity for myself I would find it to be my art. My race, language, skin color, sexuality, gender etc. felt like things I had nothing to do with creating so I never tried to explore their implications on my life, especially through art. Rather, I developed things that I liked like extremity and pushing the bounds of art both in content and form. If there is such a thing as identity, it is the essence of somebody that separates him from others, not makes him a part of a group. An ever growing and shifting image of the qualities he gained for himself through crafting an individual rather than inheriting or stepping into an identity. I have found very few people that value this sense of individuality over what is today passed on as “identity”. People who are more or less in this mindset are the ones that are ironically the true victims, people step on them for threatening the established identities with their individuality and they have no syndicate to protect them. They play with and deconstruct this idea of identity often with their limitless sense of humor rather than glorify victimization so they come off as offensive. Their sense of individuality holds them from forming clubs and playing the victim so they live in actual solitude through the art world that identity politicians took over.

The only way to make work about the individual is through free expression. One has to give freedom of artistic expression to artists if they are to tell them to push boundaries. Yes they shall be given immunity from consequence for their artistic expressions in my opinion. But people are too busy playing god and deciding what is good and what is bad for the future of mankind to be able to see that expression has no objective value. And whatever the fuck happened to the “benefit of the doubt”?

All I want is artists to be able to have invincibility on whatever they want to say. I want to make it impossible to censor them in any sort of way IN/FOR THEIR art. I am too small and dumb to pull such a work of law together, but all I can do is make offensive art. The essence of censorship is objective values, that a spade is a spade. That an NSBM band is universally HARMFUL and that censoring it will lead to universal GOOD. Don’t mind the subjective nature of such value claims but a spade is not always a spade, not in art, not even in physics (check double slit experiment/delayed eraser experiment). Good and bad are subjective and a swastika does not always mean the coming genocide. A lesbianic left wing queer activist may mean a repressed racist man-hating slut trying to ban people to satisfy her genetic desire to segregate and dominate.

Toxic virtue signaling is so strong nowadays that when people see a character in a work of art, they see the gender and skin color before anything. There are entire reviews dedicated to gender or racial representation rather than actual content.

From my theological and historical studies over the years, I have gathered a pattern that ideologues follow. These petty human struggles about identity and culture have been around since the beginning of time in different shades so that humans align themselves with either the left or right side of whatever political or religious camp is trending. So that they fight and divide each other for things that have nothing to do with their individuality on whoevers benefit. This always prompted me to go back in time and look at a simpler and bolder time to which I can also look through the impersonal lens of time to see the similarities in which how people behave. I always seemed to find the identity politicians or social justice warriors to be the contemporaries of their religious fanatic counterparts of ancient times. They fulfill the same purpose anyway. Particularly in their self-contradictory totalitarianism in which they simultaneously preach peace while waging war, just like how nowadays ideologues preach freedom of expression and artistic freedom while ruthlessly censoring things they deem “problematic”.

The only way to fight this thoroughly in my opinion is being an Edgetivist. Not trying to play into their Nazi strawman by trying to establish how you are not a nazi, but sieg heiling to provoke them further. Not trying to prove you are not a paedophile because you watched child porn but covering hard candy cock by GG Allin. Not saying these edgy things because you “believe” in them; saying them because you want to sublimate your energy into art. To experiment in a safe environment which is art. Discuss realities before they become actualities. Please do yourself a favour and read what psychological sublimation is.

Although it is scum, Facebook is still where most sea of people seem to be. Our small amount of time on Facebook I’ve met so many people thanks to the Peosphoros page. I also made enough money to pay for rent with just selling merch since I sold my record label for the first time. I used to hardly make this from 30+ albums at once, now I just made it with one. Of course since the ban I sold nothing haha, but I don’t need it I’ve got other jobs.

I want everybody to be involved in this war because sooner or later it is going to affect you.

I feel that the artists who aren’t pushing boundaries are doing nothing. The deepness of pure provocation cannot be overstated.

I hate black metal because all these “big” bands do nothing. Watain pretends they are doing something “much more evil” than saying edgy shit, which is a bullocks escape from saying anything edgy. They also make the blueprint for young bands to make safe metal and still retain the fake “extreme” image, they are doing so much damage to metal. Hell, they even kicked Set for sieging; they are a joke band at this point. They just care about their money, just like Marduk, Inquisition, Taake… All you big bands should unite and say fuck you and make truly triggering albums and start a trigger record label, trigger festival just to show that we in extreme art deal with extreme subjects.

Ah but I know that you will say that you represent evil in a more intellectual and subtle way… Yeah right, coulda fooled me like you almost fool yourself. You only represent your teenage fans.

I actually commend Antifa and Metalsucks for putting you fake career artists on the corner and really force what kind of “artists” you are out of you. But it is also saddening that there are not many Edgetivists. This is the reason for our Antifa Rules! Video. But most metal musicians didn’t get it and insulted us in private messages; I begged them to turn these insults into lyrics, to no avail.

Like how is it possible that all these bands talk about Satan and pledge allegiance to the lord of evil but none of them glorify child rape, Islamic terror, Nazism etc. This was the premise of our Fakkult Black Metal video, but so-called Satanist bands threatened us. I gave them my address and still waiting for them to show up.

Yeah right, almost forgot. They represent evil and they are intellectual and subtle…

I also love how some bands almost sound edgy but never quite, like Marduk. Fucking have some balls and make it not fake it.

And metal is unfortunately still the edgiest of them all, imagine the state of other arts. Lars Von Trier virtue signalling about Trump to try and get accepted back to Cannes tells it all.

Unlike those pussy artists, I think that everyone should get involved in this war and they should be proud that they are. People who hide behind their stupid world thinking what I do is great but can’t risk their stupid careers etc. to openly support what I do or do edgy shit are worse than social justice warriors.

Stop writing songs about Satan and actually do Satanic shit. “So, get off your arse, you suckers, and make Satan proud. Learn to do evil.” as Anton Long of O9A brilliantly puts it.

Most people, normal people I talk to are sick of this but they are waiting for it to be over by itself. Well it wont be over, you waited the parental advisory bullshit to be over and now this came, think what will come next? This is all our fight and it will come bite you someday. I even started to snitch closet edgetivists’ antics to SJW press so that they get pulled into this fight.

Fucking with objective values is the greatest activism one can do in support of artistic freedom. Create terror in your art for the sake of it, to break the idea that you can be prosecuted for your expression.

I finally want to say. Ban me all you want, report me till your fingers break. I am not going to kill anybody like Nasim (though flying to America and killing some SJW metal journalists sounds so tempting) nor burn myself in Times Square. I do not care if muslims attack me and behead me on the streets of Europe, I do not care if I go to prison, I do not care if I am deported, I do not care if my countries army who wants me to serve takes me. To quote one from Peosphoros “Kill me I won’t stop
You have to kill me I will not stop”


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